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Writer. Editor. Interviewer. Researcher. Collaborator.

So how did I get here?

I served as an editor at Nickelodeon Magazine for 10 years, starting in the late '90s. My time at Nick included some unforgettable highlights, like interviews with Steven Spielberg and Beyoncé (separate interviews!), visits to movie and TV show sets, and countless red carpet experiences. While my background in entertainment has served me well (it's not so scary to interview a CEO when you've had a lovely chat with Spielberg!), I've enjoyed learning how the skill set I developed working at a kids' magazine could evolve and spill over into so many other fields.  

In 2009, I accepted a freelance assignment writing questions for a new edition of Trivial Pursuit (hello, dream gig!). My assignment to research and write 100 questions expanded to a request for several hundred, and during that time other clients and assignments revealed themselves as well. Over the next few years I moderated marketing research interviews, wrote for audiences including college students, teachers, parents, and consumers, while continuing to develop activities and engaging content for kids and tweens.

Since 2013, I've been the editor of, and I'm currently a writer/editor for the collaborative creative group Creative Giant Puzzles and Games

My interests and areas of expertise cover a wide range of subject areas, from entertainment and pop culture to the food and beverage industry, from parenting tips to the state of women's health in underdeveloped countries, and from interviewing thought leaders and experts to covering optical-field trends and product launches.   

A couple of years ago, I had a proverbial "lightbulb" moment. THIS is what I do. I'm not a freelancer. I'm a writer. An editor. An interviewer. A researcher. And best of all, a collaborator. 

Email me to see how we can work together! 


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