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Practice(s) Making Perfect

Rachel Bozek

In mid 2016, I began writing for Invision Magazine, a trade magazine for the optical industry. I'm in my seventh year covering this field and...wait for it...I don't wear glasses. Seriously. Regardless, I've come to find this universe within our universe to be interesting, fun, and incredibly educational. Eye health awareness is a total thing. Get on it, if you're not already there.

So far for Invision, I've covered several eyecare practices around the U.S. and written guides on a range of topics from super-specific optical pointers (like raising recall rates) to more general business tips. The article linked here focuses on helping businesses up their digital marketing game. While the piece was written in the context of eyecare practices, these tips can really apply to any business looking to increase engagement on social media—especially when said engagement can translate into new business. 

Big thanks to the vendors who offered their take on what businesses should keep in mind as they develop a digital marketing strategy! Looking forward to what 2017 has in store!

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